Elder Care in Penfield, NY – Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

Elder Care in Penfield, NYWhen you are the family caregiver for your elderly loved one, you are a very busy person and no doubt you experience your share of stress. There are a lot of things to juggle that compete for your time and you often feel tired or overwhelmed. The burden you carry is not a small one. You also find joy and emotional rewards in your responsibilities.

There are ways to help alleviate the stress you experience. One way is just good hard laughter. It may be difficult to find the humor in hard times, but you can if you try. Laughter is a fun and free medicine that can cure a lot of ills. It’s contagious and can boost your immune system and increase your energy. It diminishes pain and stress, which makes it good for everyone.

Laughter is a natural human response. Even babies laugh without being trained to do so. Spend time with fun and upbeat people. It helps to add humor into your life. Hug and talk to a pet. Pets can do funny things and keep us in a good mood. Try smiling more often. Smiles are contagious just like laughter is.

Laughing has been shown to increase a person’s physical and emotional health. Plus, it’s so much fun to do! There are few if any people who don’t enjoy a good laugh. It releases hormones in your body that help you feel good and at ease and reduce stress at the same time. Laughter helps your body let go of tenseness that can build up in the muscles when there are stressful situations in your life.

If you are shouldering the caregiver role by yourself, maybe it’s time you consider getting some help. It’s important that you have time to do things for yourself and have the energy to enjoy them as well. If your other family members are not able to step in and provide some help then a professional caregiver may be the answer.

Did you know your elderly loved one can live comfortably at home while they age? This is a great alternative to retirement institutions or nursing homes. It provides your aging loved one with the opportunity to remain at home within familiar surroundings and in the neighborhood they know and love. Personalized elderly home care can help your loved one who needs assistance with everyday personal and home care tasks.

You can start out with part-time care, to give yourself a few days off each week. Try that out for a while and see if it works for you. You will be amazed at how much difference getting a little help can make. You can always move to full time care later if the need arises.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the help of elder care in Penfield, NY contact the caregivers at Caring Hearts of Rochester, LLC. We help seniors and their families with many levels of home care service. Call (585) 245-0134 for more information.