Elder Care Fun: National Day of Play

Elder Care in Penfield, NY


Keeping your elderly loved ones active is a vital part of focusing your elder care efforts on their physical, mental, and emotional health. When it comes to staying active, however, you do not want to do the same things over and over again. It might be nice to take a walk after dinner every night, or make sure that you get to the local gym for your favorite senior water aerobics class each week, but these should not be the only forms of physical activity that your aging parents get on a consistent basis. When you do the same things all the time, not only does your brain get used to it, leading to boredom and lack of motivation to keep up with it, but your muscles also grow accustomed to the activities. This means that when your parents only do the same activities, they are not getting the same degree of benefits of that they did when they first started because their bodies no longer have to work as hard to perform the activities.

November 21 is the National Day of Play, the perfect opportunity for you, your aging parents, and their home care provider to shake up your physical activity routines and get your parents more active mentally and physically so they can enjoy more benefits while also creating lasting, meaningful memories. If you have children, this is also a fantastic chance for you to enjoy some multigenerational elder care by including your little ones in your playtime with your seniors.

Some ideas for changing up your parents’ physical and mental activity on National Day of Play include:

• Bowling. Heading to the local alley for a game of bowling is a fantastic way to get some active play into your parents’ day without over-exerting a senior with balance or mobility challenges. Ask the manager of the alley about modifications such as a ramp for the ball so that a senior in a wheelchair or who has weakened muscles or joints can more easily control and direct the ball.

• Computer games. Video game technology has advanced dramatically over the last few generations, making computer- and console-based games an exciting and stimulating activity for people of all ages and interests. Computerized versions of old favorites such as solitaire and mah jong are accessible and familiar, while more immersive role playing games encourage your parents to stretch their imaginations and use their critical thinking skills. Playing these games is a great alternative for seniors with limited mobility who still want to get in on the fun of playing.

• Board games. If the weather is not good enough to get outside, or your parents have physical limitations that make it difficult for them to engage in active play, take the traditional family night route and play some board games. If you want to get especially creative, get together with your parents, children, partner, and elderly health care services provider to come up with your very own game. Get creative with craft supplies, dice, and your own imaginations to come up with game play, rules, and other details so you can have your own family game.

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