Easy Joint-Strengthening Exercises for Seniors

Elderly Care in Webster, NY – Consult a Doctor Before Starting your Elderly Loved One on a Workout Regimen

The quality of life a person will lead when elderly largely depends upon the life he has led in his youth. Research proves exercise and a healthy lifestyle can increases one’s lifespan and are important for muscle and bone strength. Even when your father grows older, exercising is a good option to keep his joints moving, heart rate at balance and may be a good way to get out of the house occasionally As we grow older, muscle mass of the body decreases which is responsible for burning calories, maintaining a healthy body weight, mobility and bone strength. Exercise can help in maintaining this muscle weight in seniors. If your elderly dad is involved in some physical activity, the risks of arthritis and strokes are decreased to a great extent.

How to Add Joint Exercise into Daily Routines

Since none of us can turn back time to do something different earlier in our lives, the goal is to start today. It’s been said that the best time to start an exercise program is when you’re young. The second best time to start is today! We can start to exercise at any age. There are certain exercises which are best for seniors for strengthening their joints such as:

Aerobic and light cardio: Seniors have aerobic classes meant just for people in their age group in which they perform several stretching and mobility exercises for their joints. Some cardio exercises also help in maintaining a healthy heart rate.

Water aerobics in a pool: This is simply doing movement exercises while in a pool. The water puts slight pressure over the joints which is good for muscle strength and mobility. Your dad also gets to have fun playing in water, as he used to when young!

Knee extension, knee curl, pelvic tilt and floor back extension.: These exercises are done either sitting on a chair or lying on floor. They mainly focus on knee joints and back strength.

Walking in a park: If your father doesn’t feel like doing exercise, then walking is also a good option to maintain joint health. Plus, he also gets to meet other people and socialize.

Some of these exercises might not be suitable for some seniors, so medical assistance is necessary before doing any new routine. If you’re concerned about your elderly father in doing things like personal grooming, cooking and housekeeping, then look into bringing in elder care services to help. A caregiver who is trained at caring for the elderly will be able to do things for your dad that he cannot, and help him keep up with his joint exercises on appropriate days. As always, consult a physician before your loved one starts a new exercise program.

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