Depression in the Elderly Who Rely on Home Care Services in Greece, NY

Home Care Services in Greece, NYDepression is a very real and very serious mental illness and it can affect anybody at any time. For the elderly, they are at an increased risk of being depressed for a variety of reasons.

For those who rely on home care services, depression can be easily noticed but the senior may also have developed coping mechanisms that hide their symptoms. An experienced in-home care service provider will generally be able to notice when a person may be dealing with depression. However, the vast majority of home care aides are not licensed counselors and cannot offer that kind of support to the client.

They can, however, recommend to the client’s family members that they believe a trip to see a counselor or visit their doctor may help them cope with their depression.

Some reasons why depression is more common among the elderly who rely on home care services.

One of the most common reasons why elderly individuals deal with depression is that they live alone. Those whose spouses have passed away will almost likely be living alone after that loss. The older that a person gets, the more friends and loved ones they see pass away as well. This can cause a tremendous feeling of loss and emptiness that can lead directly to depression.

Another reason why depression is common among the elderly is that they begin to lose their physical capabilities. When you can no longer do some of the things that you used to enjoy, it can make you feel unfulfilled. When a person does not feel fulfilled, he or she may become more depressed.

Finally, facing one’s own mortality can have an incredible ability to cause the individual to feel depressed. They may have regrets about things that they did or didn’t do in their life and tend to focus on those regrets rather than being able to see what they still have open before them.

How an experienced in-home care service provider can help.

Home care services will not only offer the elderly client some companionship and support during those working hours, but they can also engage the senior to get them doing things they used to enjoy. They may also be able to find new things that interest the senior.

If the elderly individual is not interested in being engaged or they withdraw to their bedroom to hide away, it could also be related to certain medications that they may be taking. The in-home care service provider may wish to discuss their observations with the elderly client’s family members so that they can figure out the best way to help the client overcome his or her depression.

August is Happiness Happens Month, and being proactive about helping the elderly client can go a long way toward helping them overcome depression.

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