Dad’s Hearing Aides Might be Working Fine: How to Determine the Impact Elder Care is Having on Him

Senior Care in Perinton, NY

Senior Care in Perinton, NYYou’ve gone over to visit your elderly father a few times in the past couple of weeks. He’s been working with an elder care provider who has been supporting him as he recovers from his heart attack. When he was first admitted to the hospital following the heart attack, you were worried that he’d be alone and no one would know if he was in trouble for some time. He was reluctant at first, but eventually he agreed to look into home care for the elderly.

Now that he’s been working with this individual for a while, you received a phone call from the caregiver who is expressing some concerns about his hearing. This caregiver mentioned that he was talking to your father on several different occasions and he never even responded. He didn’t so much as look up as though somebody was talking to him.

You paid a visit to your father and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. He seemed to be lucid, cogent, and as though he could hear just fine. He was looking at you the entire time and showed no signs of hearing problems.

Your father has been using hearing aids for a long time, and you’ve also noticed during those years that there are certain times when he turns them down, especially when he doesn’t want to hear what somebody else is saying. When the caregiver is gone, you address the problem that was brought up to your attention.

Your father admitted he was turning the hearing aid down often when the caregiver was there. You asked him why and he simply said that he understands the necessity of relying on somebody to take care of him and assist him, but he doesn’t feel comfortable with this particular person. He’s nice and all, according to your father, and he seems to have a lot of experience, but they don’t seem to have a great deal in common.

Your father says that this caregiver is more like a drill sergeant or boss trying to tell him exactly what to do and when to do it. You ask your father if he would be more inclined to prefer looking for a different one. He says that might be a possibility.

When you hire a professional elder care provider, especially when you hire through an agency, you’re usually getting an experienced and reliable person, but personality is also important. If personalities don’t mesh well, it can have a direct impact on the quality of care or the perceived care a person receives. It may very well be possible to get a different caregiver working with your father.

National Better Hearing Month is May and even though it may appear that there might be a problem with your father’s hearing, it could simply be that he’s turning down the hearing aid or simply ignoring issues around him. Get to the root of the problem and make sure there are no issues with his ability to hear properly.

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