Convincing a Friend to Consider Home Care when You Don’t Need it Yourself

Home Care in Henrietta, NY

Home Care in Henrietta, NYMary and Jane had been friends for more than 40 years. They met when their own children were quite young and became fast friends. Through the years, they supported one another through many difficult times, including the loss of each of their husbands. One day Jane was visiting Mary, who had been dealing with some new health problems in recent months, when she realized just how difficult it was for Mary to do certain things.

Jane had gone into Mary’s bedroom to retrieve a sweater for her and noticed the pile of clothing that was stacked in the closet. Most of the hangers in her closet were barren and Jane confronted Mary about the problem. Mary eventually admitted that she hadn’t done laundry in several weeks because the last time she tried to do it she felt like she was about to fall down the stairs and didn’t want to take that risk.

Jane tried to convince Mary to consider professional home care services, but Mary wasn’t listening. Mostly it was because Jane didn’t seem to require any assistance at all, so why would Mary even listen to something she had to say about it?

Jane new trying to convince her friend to consider home care was going to be a difficult challenge. Mary had often had a habit of comparing herself to others and wants to at least stay in close proximity to the abilities of her friends, including Jane. Since Jane didn’t require any assistance and was the one actually providing assistance to Mary, Mary wasn’t going to listen.

Jane decided to call Mary’s children to get them involved in this conversation. Mary’s children didn’t live that close to her, but a few hour’s drive was something they could all do to sit down with their mother and talk to her about the proper things she needed to do to take care of herself in a safe and healthy manner.

Jane met with Mary’s children before they all got together to talk to Mary and discussed the concerns she had about Mary’s safety and ability to take care of certain things. Jane told them she was more than happy to help, but she was in her 80s as well and wasn’t going to be able to keep up that amount of work for very long.

Jane recruited other loved ones as a way to convince her best friend to at least listen about home care. It was a great strategy because when Mary realized that they were all concerned about her, she began to focus more on her safety and the prospect of being able to do certain activities when she hired the right home care provider.

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