Common Challenges to Overcome as a Family Caregiver for a Loved One with Dementia

Caregivers in Pittsford, NY – Here a Just a Few of the Many Difficult Situations that May Arise when Caring for a Senior with Dementia

Assisting a family member who has been diagnosed with dementia can be challenging for anyone who has no experience with this disease. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, but there are many different types that a person might be diagnosed with.

For any family caregiver, it’s important to understand as many aspects of the disease as possible, including things that can be done to help the elderly individual or signs and symptoms to look out for.

There are some common challenges that the average family caregiver might face when providing care for their loved one at home.

Memory loss.

One of the most common symptoms of dementia is memory loss. Forgetting appointments, not remembering to take medications at the right time, having difficulty keeping track of conversations, and even forgetting where they put things can all be part of dementia.

It’s important for the caregiver to be client with the elderly individual, especially as it pertains to memory loss.

Anger and frustration.

As dementia begins to progress within a person, the memory loss they experience could lead to frustration. People who have been diagnosed with any type of dementia are usually acutely aware of the issues they face on a regular basis. It can be extremely frustrating to try and concentrate on remembering something they know they should recall, but can’t. This can lead to anger and outbursts.

Some of those outbursts are simply the direct result of being frustrated. Other times it could be another symptom of the disease itself. Getting upset and angry with those who try to help them can be problematic to the relationship.

Encouraging the individual to take part in activities.

Somebody who has been diagnosed with dementia may have a tendency to withdraw from the things they used to enjoy. They may also try to avoid taking a shower or keeping up with personal hygiene for one reason or another.

This can be an incredible challenge, especially for a family member who is trying to help their loved one. They may be met with more resistance from the elderly individual, especially with regard to bathing. The person with dementia might feel unsafe when stepping into and out of the shower and may be quite uncomfortable in relying on assistance from their family member.

There are going to be numerous challenges to face when providing care for a person with dementia at home. The best solution may be to hire a professional in home care provider. That can provide comfort for the elderly individual as well as the family members.

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