Helping Your Loved One Care for Their Hair as They Age

Caregivers in Webster NY

Caregivers in Webster NYThere are a lot of physical changes that adults go through as they age. You may have noticed that your elderly loved one has had changes in their hearing and eyesight and you also may have noticed that their skin appears thinner or sometimes more dry. One change that often gets overlooked, is the changes that take place in the hair. As your loved one ages, they may experience changes to their hair which can cause them to feel frustrated or even have a lower self esteem. While there’s no way to make the hair go back to the way it was, there are ways you can help your loved one care for it so that it is manageable and still looks great. Read on for a few ideas.

When Hair Feels Dry

As adults age, their oil glands shrink and they produce less oil which keeps the hair feeling moisturized and protected. To remedy this issue, your loved one can try putting some oil into their hair such as 100% argan oil or even the coconut oil you may use in the kitchen. Both are very hydrating and naturally free of alcohols, fragrances, and other ingredients that are found in hair products which can worsen dryness. In addition, it is a great idea to encourage your loved one to avoid high heat styling tools such as hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons which can contribute to dryness. Shampooing every day can also contribute to dryness.

When Hair Begins to Thin

Thinning hair is a normal part of aging for both men and women. As your loved one ages, their hair follicles get smaller and begin to produce thinner and thinner hair. This can be a frustrating change that occurs with aging, but you can help your loved one to lessen the effects of thinning hair. The best thing you can help them do is prevent breakage. This ensures that the hair they have stays. Breakage can be caused by brushing to vigorously, wearing hair accessories, and using high heat styling tools.

When Hair is Brittle

Brittleness in hair goes along with dryness. Often, hair becomes brittle and breakage-prone after using strong chemicals on the hair such as bleach, dyes, and hair relaxers. To prevent brittleness, encourage your loved one to stop using these treatments and opt for gentler, more natural hair products.


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