Tips for Caregivers – Staying Healthy While Caregiving

Caregivers in Pittsford NY

Caregivers in Pittsford NYWhen caregiving, caregivers often become very focused on the health of the loved one they are taking care of. They take their loved one to doctor’s appointments, prepare them healthy meals, help them to exercise, and make sure that their home is clean and tidy. When caregivers are so dedicated to their responsibilities of being a caregiver, however, they too often ignore their own health and self-care. Since being a great caregiver requires energy, positivity, and strength, staying healthy is key.

Eat Healthy Meals Together

Caregivers who encourage their loved one to eat a healthy diet may benefit from eating those same healthy foods, too! For caregivers who are already preparing healthy meals for their loved one, why not prepare and eat them together? Chances are those vitamins and nutrients that your loved one needs are the same ones you need to stay healthy, as well. Healthy meal planning doesn’t have to be a chore, either. When you work with your loved one to pick out new foods and recipes to try together, you are both likely to find a few new favorites along the way!

Make Doctor’s Appointments for Your Loved One and Yourself

When you make appointments for your loved ones, they can serve as great reminders to make doctor’s appointments for yourself. You wouldn’t want to skip any of your loved one’s doctor’s appointments, so don’t ignore your own, either. Strive to stay on top of making appointments for routine check-ups such as physicals, eye exams, and dental exams. Being consistent with your own preventative care can help you to live a happy and healthy life and be a great caregiver.

Exercise as a Team

If you take your loved one to a local fitness center, why not try an exercise program yourself? There are many exercises that you can do alongside your loved one such as walking, water aerobics, and resistance training, or you can try an activity that you are interested in while your loved one pursues their own. Either way, making physical activity a scheduled part your loved one’s day can make it easier for you to also fit exercising into your busy schedule. When you get regular exercise, you will find that you have more energy, a happier mood, and you will feel healthier.

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