Caregivers in Perinton, NY – Sense of Humor for Caregivers

Caregivers in Perinton, NYThe responsibilities that come with caregiving can sometimes weigh heavy on a caregiver’s shoulders. It’s not always easy to keep on going without making a change. Your situation may seem like it’s unchangeable but usually you can always find something to lighten your workload a little bit.

The first thing to do is seek some help. Find friends, family members and community organizations that can all help you carry the caregiving workload. You would be surprised how each person doing one little thing to help you can suddenly make a huge difference. You can also hire an agency providing home care so a professional caregiver can take over for you a few days a week.

Once you have all that sorted out, try using your sense of humor to reduce your stress. If you really think about it, finding humor in the little things can really ease the stress you feel sometimes. Here are some tips for getting more humor into your life:

  1. Observe what is going on around you in your life. Think of yourself as an outside person who doesn’t know anyone personally and they just got a peek at what happened. It could be very funny to them. Life offers many moments of humor, you just need to be watching for them.
  2. Talk to people more often. Even if you just start a conversation with someone to compliment them. This gets you comfortable enough to talk to people in a light and easy way. You’d be surprised the little bits of humor that can come your way as you increase your circle of friends.
  3. Read funny stories, subscribe to joke of the day, and watch comedy movies. Romantic comedies are great. Find witty jokes and memorize some; write down your favorites, share them with others and enjoy a good laugh with other people. This will help you discover what makes other people laugh, why some people find certain things funny, etc. It will also help you look for the humorous moments in your own everyday life.
  4. Ask your funny friends for tips on how they are able to look at life with a bit of humor. Some people seem to just be born this way while others developed the skill of being funny and recognizing possibilities of humor.
  5. Lighten yourself up. Don’t take every aspect of life so seriously. When you are too serious all the time, it’s hard to find the humor. Not everything in life was meant to be serious. There is humor everywhere.
  6. Smile more often and pretend to be happy even when you’re not. The old saying goes, “fake it until you make it.” If you pretend to be funny or find things funny, you will soon notice you’ve opened up yourself to see the world in a new way.

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