How to Deal with Challenges Your Loved One Might Face while Getting Dressed

Caregivers in Greece NY

Caregivers in Greece NYAs a family caregiver, there are probably situations that you never expected would become complicated, such as helping your elderly loved one get dressed in the morning. Unfortunately, that can become a huge situation for some loved ones and their caregivers. Sometimes the problems are physical ones, while other times the problems are emotional and can be more difficult to result.

Simplify Her Clothing

One of the biggest challenges that your loved one might face while getting dressed is that it’s simply too complicated. Buttons, buckles, snaps, zippers, and laces can all be easy enough one day and way too difficult on another. This is especially a problem if your loved one has arthritis. You can get around this problem by changing out complicated fastenings for some that are simpler. A good seamstress can modify your loved one’s clothing without changing how the clothes look or fit.

Keep Your Loved One’s Likes and Dislikes in Mind

When you’re buying new clothes for your loved one or when you’re offering her choices about what to wear, make sure that you’re keeping in mind what she enjoys wearing and what she finds uncomfortable. If you’re giving her choices that she doesn’t like, your loved one is more likely to become frustrated and avoid dressing altogether.

Buy Duplicates

Some elderly loved ones, particularly if they have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, are likely to fixate on specific garments or outfits and not want to wear anything else. This is all well and good until that piece of clothing needs to be washed, and then your loved one is likely to be upset. One way around this is to buy duplicate pieces that your loved one likes so that you always have a clean outfit or particular piece of clothing in reserve.

Give Choices, but with Direction

Even when your loved one is in the later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, choice is incredibly important. Equally important, however, is that you don’t overwhelm your loved one with choice. Give her options, but limit the options to a choice of two items. You’ll have better results and your loved one will feel less frustrated overall.

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be a battleground for your loved one.

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