Caregivers in Canandaigua, NY – Does Your Elder Have Sciatica?

Caregivers in Canandaigua, NYMany seniors feel this very common pain in the back. It could originate anywhere from the lower back down to both or only one of the legs. It is usually a burning pain and can extend down the hip area as well. The cause is pressure on the sciatic nerve resulting from inflammation. There are millions of people affected by sciatica pain, but the senior population is the most affected.

Sciatica Symptoms

  • Pain is the main symptom. The condition causes complaints of pain that shoots down the back and down the back of the legs. There can be additional pain in the thighs close to the hip area when sitting down.
  • Burning and tingling pain is common.
  • Although this condition can affect both sides of the body it’s most common to be afflicted only on one side.
  • People afflicted with the disorder report pain ranging from slight to extremely severe.
  • Sciatica pain can prevent people from walking around freely.
  • Sciatica pain can prevent being able to sit comfortably.

Sciatica Causes

  • Irritation or inflammation on the sciatic nerve and nerve endings.
  • Problems in the lower lumbar part of the spine causing pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • It is found to occur as a result of aging due to bones, muscles and nerves degenerating
  • Previous injuries can exacerbate the condition
  • Being overweight increases your risk
  • Diabetics have a higher risk of nerve irritation and nerve damage. Being diabetic automatically increases your risk for any nerve disorders
  • Genetics may play a small risk factor because many spinal conditions are also genetic.
  • Amount of physical activity. Sedentary and highly active lifestyles can both be traced to increased rates of sciatica; sedentary is the most contributing factor.
  • Menopause in women can lead to bone loss and nerve irritation. Healthy bones decreases sciatica risks.

Sciatica Treatments

  • Your loved one’s doctor must make a diagnosis.
  • There is usually a prescription for anti-inflammatories and pain medications
  • Rehabilitation can help to regain function of the legs and back.

Has your loved one been diagnosed with sciatica? That would explain the pain she has been feeling as well as the reduced mobility. What can you do to help ease her discomfort while she takes her medication and rehabilitation? A home care provider can help her with the everyday tasks of life. You won’t need to worry about her living alone when there is someone there with her to help her all the time or even just give her companionship. Her caregiver can also provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and physiotherapy. Some light, regular exercise like swimming or water aerobics can help her get in shape and alleviate some of the inflammation caused by being sedentary.

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