Two True Stories Involving Senior Falls and Their Outcomes

The reports that every 11 seconds an elderly man or woman is brought to the ER after falling. Every 19 seconds a senior dies from injuries sustained during a fall. Fall prevention is the best way to keep your elderly parent safe. Here are two cases where a senior fell. Find out what happened to cause the fall and what the outcome was.

One Woman Fell and Broke Her Hip Not Once But Twice

Caregiver Rochester NY - Two True Stories Involving Senior Falls and Their Outcomes

Caregiver Rochester NY – Two True Stories Involving Senior Falls and Their Outcomes

After raising four kids without the help of a husband, one woman looked forward to having her two-story home to herself. Each day, she made her way from her upstairs bedroom to the living areas with ease. Her first fall happened when she slipped on ice on her front sidewalk.

The diagnosis was a broken hip. She underwent surgery to repair the damage and spent two months in a nursing home undergoing rehabilitation. She moved back home and was fine for two years. On her way down the stairs, she lost her balance and fell. She broke her hip again and underwent another surgery.

This time, her doctor suggested it was time for her to consider bringing in a caregiver to help her safely get up and down stairs. Her recovery is taking longer this second time. She’s scared to walk around her home without a caregiver’s help. She has caregivers who spend all day and night with her now.

A Fall Down Icy Deck Steps Led One Man to Look Closely at His Safety

Squirrels at a bird feeder are rarely appreciated. For one bird enthusiast, squirrels were a real annoyance. They kept getting past his squirrel baffles and squirrel-proof bird feeders. When he spied a squirrel at his feeder, he went down the deck steps to chase it off. Unfortunately, there was ice from the last snow storm and he fell. His ankle got caught in the gap between stairs and snapped.

He was now in the snow with a broken ankle. He couldn’t move. He had to sit and scream help until someone heard him. When paramedics arrived, he was in the early stages of hypothermia.

A surgical procedure was needed to install a metal plate and screws to hold the bone together. He had to undergo weeks of therapy to get his ankle back to working order. His family realized that he needed someone around during the day to keep an eye on him. Plus, he was a great candidate for a life alert system.

Benefits of  Hiring Caregivers

In both of these situations, caregivers could help make the recovery easier by providing help with housework, meals, and transfers. Even if you only hire a caregiver to check in on your parent once a week or every day, the socialization and assistance improve a senior citizen’s life. Learn more by calling our home care agency to discuss caregivers today.


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