What Are the Best Ways to Make Your Communication More Assertive?

When you communicate from a passive place, you may find that being a caregiver is extremely difficult for you. This is because you need to be able to be direct with the people you encounter in order to get your senior the help that she needs. Relearning how to communicate in an assertive, healthy matter takes both time and practice, but it can be done.

Caregiver Perinton NY - What Are the Best Ways to Make Your Communication More Assertive?

Caregiver Perinton NY – What Are the Best Ways to Make Your Communication More Assertive?

Look at Your Current Communication Style

Your current communication style may not be as assertive as you’d like. When you’re operating from a more assertive style, you’re operating from a self-confident standpoint. Your communications are going to be more honest and there aren’t underlying misunderstandings as there can be with passive-aggressive communication.

Practice the Changes You Want to Make

Making changes is not comfortable at first, so it can take some practice. Instead of telling people that they’re wrong, use “I” statements to make your point. When you find yourself saying yes when you mean no, you’re operating from a position of no confidence. Practice saying no without giving explanations or waffling. Assertive communication is about being direct and you have to learn how to do that.

Start out Small and Branch out from There

You might find that it’s easier to practice these types of communication changes with your friends and family members first. You can also try role-playing some situations you usually have trouble with in order to work out how you want to react instead. From there, you can apply what you’ve learned to more and more of your real life situations.

Remember This Takes Patience

Changing how you communicate takes time. You won’t unlearn bad habits overnight and you can’t expect yourself to be perfect at this right away. Give yourself the time and the space that you need to make real changes to your communication style. When you start to see the results, that will help you to gain even more self-confidence in the changes that you’re making.

You might find that other people in your life don’t respond as positively as you’d expect right away. This is often because they’re used to getting what they want and now you’re standing up for yourself.

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