Tips for Getting Active as a Family on Family Health and Fitness Day USA

Being in the sandwich generation, that is being a caregiver for both a child and an older adult, can be stressful and challenging. It also gives you the unique opportunity to provide multigenerational care. This is when you choose not just to fulfill the caregiver needs of each generation in the family, but to combine these efforts and offer care that supports a closer family bond and makes the most of your time, energy, and resources.

Caregiver Penfield NY - Tips for Getting Active as a Family on Family Health and Fitness Day USA

Caregiver Penfield NY – Tips for Getting Active as a Family on Family Health and Fitness Day USA

One way that this type of caregiving can be particularly meaningful is when your family exercises together.
September 24 is Family Health and Fitness Day U.S.A. This is a wonderful opportunity for your family to make exercising together an important part of your multigenerational care so that you can enjoy the benefits of this time together, including more motivation, greater encouragement, special time together, and more communication.

Use these tips to help you get active as a family:

• Schedule it in. Keeping your life organized and scheduled is an essential part of making sure that you get everything done. Schedule in your exercise time with your parent so that you make sure that you follow through with it. Treat it as any other appointment and honor it every time.

• Let everyone be involved. Encourage every member of the family to be a part of planning your activities. Get input from your parent as well as your children, or take turns choosing activities. You might be surprised at the ideas that come up.

• Focus on the fun. Try not to look at these activities as just another care task or just something else that you need to do. Focus on the fun that you can have as a family and all of the benefits that all of you receive from the activities you do together. Use this as part of your stress relief time.

If you have noticed that your senior’s challenges have increased to the point that you are no longer able to handle them confidently, or your own limitations or schedule have changed and made it so that you can no longer fulfill your parent’s needs, now may be the ideal time for you to consider home care for them.

In-home care can fill care gaps that might exist in your caregiving efforts and ensure that any care tasks that your parent needs but you are not able to fulfill on your own are handled respectfully and effectively. This can not only help your parent to stay as healthy, comfortable, safe, and happy as possible as they age in place, but it can also ease your stress and support a better quality of life for both you and your parent.


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