Encouraging Creativity and Connection on World Card Making Day

Caregiver Penfield NY

Caregiver Penfield NY

Your role as a family caregiver is not just about helping your parent meet their daily physical needs and manage their medical needs. In order to give your elderly loved one the highest quality of life possible, you must also concentrate on helping them to support better mental, emotional, and cognitive health as well. This keeps them active, engaged, and feeling their best throughout their later years. One way that you can do this is to encourage them to maintain meaningful friendships and relationships with friends and family members as they age in place. These relationships will keep your aging parent feeling relevant, important, and loved, help reduce loneliness and isolation, and reduce the chances that they will suffer serious issues such as depression.

October 1 is World Card Making Day. This is the ideal opportunity for you to encourage your parent to get creative and reach out to those they love with homemade cards. This not only will stimulate their mind to encourage sharper, more effective cognition, but can start ongoing correspondence that enriches their lives.

Use these tips to encourage creativity and connection on World Card Making Day:

  • Use archival quality supplies. Making a card to send to a loved one is not just about connecting with that person in the moment. The recipient can also hold onto that card as a keepsake to preserve the memory of your aging loved one. This is especially precious because it will contain your loved one’s handwriting, making it feel much more personal. Make sure that these cards are kept at their best for years to come by choosing archival quality supplies. This means that they do not contain acids that will cause the paper to break down and yellow over time.
  • Reflect their personality. Visit a scrapbooking or craft store with your aging parent to find the supplies that reflect their personality. They should not just make cards that look like anyone could make them. Instead, they should make ones that show off who they are, what they love, or even the person who they are sending the card to. This will make the card that much more meaningful when your loved one sends it. Choose stickers, die-cuts, papers, markers, and other supplies that will encourage them to get as creative as possible.
  • Help with addresses and postage. It is important that the address on the envelope is clear so that you are sure that the card will get to the recipient. If your elderly parent has difficulty with handwriting or you want to simplify the mailing process, consider printing out the addresses on adhesive labels so that all your parent needs to do is affix the label to the front of the envelope and send it on its way. Encourage them to connect even further by preparing a variety of envelopes with address and return address labels as well as stamps so that your parent can send them as they wish. Remember that homemade cards may be heavier than is accepted by conventional postage, so you will want to weigh one of the cards that they make and add appropriate postage to be sure that they are handled properly.

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