Are You the Right Caregiver in Webster, NY?

Your mother has been trying to be the primary caregiver for your father who had a stroke two years earlier. He can talk, after months of physical therapy, and he can now get around the house in his own again, but your mother is having trouble on her own as her muscles have weakened and she has more trouble getting around. She has asked you for help and you’re considering the right options that are available.

For starters, you understand what it means to be a caregiver. You read about assisted living and nursing home care two years ago when your father first suffered his stroke. You spent many sleepless nights dreading having the conversation with your mother, knowing that she would refuse because she wouldn’t want to see the love of her life Caregiver in Webster, NYmoved into nursing home care.

Now you’re faced with a daunting responsibility and a request that may seem difficult to deny or refuse. But are you the right caregiver for your mother and your father? You may think that you owe it to them to provide some assistance, but when an elderly loved one needs assistance at home, it can create a great deal of stress, anxiety, and even some uncomfortable situations that you might not anticipate.

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself when trying to determine whether you’re the right caregiver for your mother and father.

  1. Do you have the time to commit to being the caregiver? If you aren’t sure that you can be there for them when they need it, then you should probably consider a home care provider through an agency. Being a caregiver requires a commitment and if you have family of your own or a job that can interfere with that commitment, then don’t make it.
  2. Would you be comfortable in any situation? If your father needs help getting into the shower, for example, is that something you would be comfortable doing? Would he? If not, don’t put either of you in that situation.
  3. Do you have enough training to help in an emergency situation? What would you do if there was a medical emergency while you were there? What if it occurred while you were not there? If you don’t think you could handle an emergency situation, then you should seriously consider hiring an in home care provider.

More often than not, family caregivers are not the right ones to provide care for an elderly individual. No matter what obligations you may feel to them, make your decision with your head, not your heart.

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