5 Reasons You Might Experience Caregiver Guilt

Caregiver Greece NY

Caregiver Greece NYFor some family caregivers, understanding why caregiver guilt is showing up can be one of the most powerful tools they can use in order to banish it again. Here are some of the bigger reasons you might be experiencing guilt as a family caregiver.

You Have No Time for Yourself

When you’re a family caregiver, you may feel that most of your time is taken up with tasks and needs that belong to other people. If you’re not giving yourself time, you’re really just draining yourself. As you become more drained, you can start to become resentful of everything that keeps you from giving yourself what you need. The key to resolving this is to develop a self-care plan for yourself and then enforcing it.

You and Your Loved One Have Issues You Can’t Resolve

There are very few loved ones and caregivers who have resolved or set aside all of their differences over the years. If you have an elderly loved one who cannot ever resolve those issues with you, such as a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you can feel guilty for holding onto those feelings. One way to work through this is to find a counselor or therapist that you trust.

You’re Comparing Yourself to Other People Too Often

Everyone has one or more situations in which they find themselves comparing themselves to other people. In your case, you may find yourself comparing yourself to other family caregivers and think that you come out lacking. The easy response to this is to simply stop the comparison game, but that’s not always easy. Try making a list of all your strengths that allow you to be an awesome family caregiver. You might find the list slow going at first, but you’ll start to open up to the idea.

You Know that You Can’t Be Your Loved One’s Caregiver For Long

When you know that your elderly loved one needs far more help than you or even elderly care providers can give your loved one long-term, that can be a source of guilt for you. You may feel that your loved one has been able to care for you, so why can’t you return the favor? This line of thinking doesn’t acknowledge the fact that you’re doing the best you can for your elderly loved one.

You Have Your Own Issues

If you’ve got your own health or other personal issues, you’re more likely to feel that you’re not doing the best that you can for your elderly loved one. Health problems in particular can make you feel that you’re not able to contribute what you should to your loved one’s care. Getting as much help as you can is the best way to resolve your guilt if this is the cause.

Look carefully at your potential causes of guilt and be creative about what you can do to eliminate that cause.

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