Tips for Communicating with Your Parent’s Medical Team during Effective Communications Month

In your role as a family caregiver, communication is one of the most important tools that you will use throughout your care journey to engage with your parent and ensure that they are getting the level of care that they need. While you will need to communicate effectively with your parent and your family, it is also critical that you communicate with your elderly loved one’s medical team. This helps you to stay informed and ensure that you are giving them the highest quality care you can.

Caregiver Fairport NY - Tips for Communicating with Your Parent’s Medical Team during Effective Communications Month

Caregiver Fairport NY – Tips for Communicating with Your Parent’s Medical Team during Effective Communications Month

Use these tips to communicate effectively with your parent’s medical team during Effective Communications Month and throughout the rest of your caregiving journey with them:

• Give them as much information as possible. You can be a valuable source of information for your parent’s doctor. Sometimes the behaviors, symptoms, and issues that are not showing up when your parent is in the doctor’s office are the things that are the most influential. Telling them about these things can help to give a fuller view of what your parent is facing.

• Ask questions. Be willing to engage with the doctor by asking questions. If you do not understand something that they have said, need more information, or feel that there has been a misunderstanding or some confusion about something, do not hesitate to ask a question. This will provide you with what you need to know to ensure you are a meaningful and beneficial part of your parent’s ongoing care.

• Do not make assumptions. Going into a meeting or appointment with your parent’s doctor do not assume that you know what they are going through or what they need. Even if you have done extensive research or have a list of symptoms and challenges that you believe you have interpreted correctly, it is important to keep in mind that you do not have the full picture to really know what is happening. Having too strong of an assumption can prevent you from fully interpreting what the doctor has to say to you and getting the true benefit from the communication. Give them the full information that you have, but leave it to them to draw the conclusions.

If you have realized that the challenges of caring for your elderly parent during their later years have become too extensive for you to handle effectively, your abilities or availability have changed, or you simply feel that they would benefit from more diverse care, now may be the ideal time for you to consider home care for them.

Hiring a caregiver to be in the home with your senior loved one can not only help them to live a higher quality of life as they age in place, but can also be a tremendous source of stress relief and peace of mind for you. A caregiver service can handle tasks that you are not able to handle, that you or your parent are not comfortable with you handling, or that need specific efforts to handle effectively. They can also be with your parent on a customized schedule to ensure that even if you live at a distance or are unable to be with your parent as often as you would want to be, you know that your loved one is getting everything that they need.

For many elderly adults, one of the most meaningful services that a caregiver provider offers is companionship. This support and ongoing company gives your parent a boost in their mental and emotional health and helps them to find more fulfillment in their later years.

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