Alzheimer’s Care Activities and How they Can Benefit You in Rochester, NY

Just because a person has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, that doesn’t mean that they need to give up on their life. They don’t need to stop doing things or taking part in certain activities, especially if they enjoy them and have been doing them for a long time. In fact, when it comes to Alzheimer’s care, it’s a good idea to keep them active, and keep their mind working through problems.

Memory loss care often focuses on activities that make a person think, such as problem solving, concentration games, and even puzzles. When you keep the brain working through problems, it helps to slow down the progression of the disease.

Alzheimer’s Care in Rochester, NYSo what kind of activities can you promote when it comes to Alzheimer’s care? The same activities that the individual has enjoyed and would continue to enjoy, but you should keep in mind a few things that will help make them enjoyable activities for as long as possible:

  1. Pay attention to the individual’s skills. If you’re working with someone who plays an instrument, he or she may not be able to play the same things they did in the past. However, when you introduce playing on a daily basis, and simplify things for them, they may begin to remember, or their muscle memory may take over.
  2. Know what the individual enjoys. If you try to do activities that you think would be fun, but they wouldn’t have any interest in them, then you’re not going to be helping them in any way. Focus on what he or she enjoys, rather than what you might assume could be fun.
  3. Don’t focus on achievement. Focus instead on them having fun. The results don’t matter. If you play games, don’t keep score, or at least don’t focus on whether you win or not.
  4. Be aware of their physical limitations. You may get caught up in a moment, but don’t overestimate their ability to physically do something. If you do, not only can you put their health at risk, but they could become frustrated if they can’t do something, especially if it’s something that they used to be able to do without a problem in the past.

The more you focus on these important factors when it comes to Alzheimer’s care, the better the care will be. Don’t avoid activities, though. Just focus on the right ones for the elderly individual.

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