Accept Your Feelings when Providing Senior Care in Perinton, NY

Senior Care in Perinton, NYOffering senior care to someone, whether it’s a family member or stranger, is going to have an impact on your emotions. There will be times when you’re concerned, when you’re worried, and when you’re excited. There will be times when you’re frustrated, when you feel as though you’re up against a wall, and when you can’t believe that just happened.

Sometimes you’re going to feel as though you just need to hide your emotions from the client. You may want to laugh at something, but if the client is having a tough day, you keep things to yourself. You may be frustrated about something that he or she is doing but you decide that it might not be ‘your place’ to say anything, so you keep it to yourself.

This only leads to growing frustration on your part and it will ramp up the stress that you feel as a result of this level of care you’re providing to the client. Senior home services is about providing the optimal level of support to the elderly client without taking control of his or her life.

However, it’s a relationship that is being forged. Even if you’re the adult child of the elderly client and you’re caring for him or her because you feel it’s your obligation, it is going to change the dynamic of the relationship to some degree. It’s really not possible for it to not change to some degree.

When you keep your feelings or your emotions locked up because you don’t believe that it’s appropriate to share them, or to get angry, or to express them in a constructive way, then you end up creating more problems in the long run for the relationship, and the elderly client.

First, accept the emotions that you experience. You might not think that they are right or appropriate, but they are yours. The moment that you attempt to suppress them because you don’t think they are appropriate is the moment that you begin to build walls around you that are going to impact not only this relationship, but others in your life as well.

If you are having trouble accepting the emotions you experience, or dealing with them in a healthy manner, seek out a professional counselor with whom to talk. You don’t want to hide your emotions because they will only lead to anxiety, stress, and a lower quality of senior care for the client.

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