6 Tips for Bathroom Safety with Your Elderly Loved One

Elderly Care in Brighton, NY

Elderly Care in Cananadaigua NYIt’s possible for your loved one to fall or have issues in any room of the house, but in the bathroom she is particularly vulnerable. Bathroom safety is extremely important, both for her physical safety and for your peace of mind. Try some of the tips below to make your loved one as safe as possible in the bathroom.

Use a Night Light

At night or just when it’s dark, it’s hard to see where you’re going. You definitely don’t want your elderly loved one in a position where she falls or runs into something because she can’t see to get to the bathroom in the dark. Use a night light or even turn on a dim light in the bathroom. If the light seems too bright, leave the door cracked just a little bit.

Use Non-slip Aids

All of the rugs or bath mats that you use in the bathroom should have a non-slip backing to keep the bathroom safer. You should also make sure that the tub has non-slip appliques in place to prevent slipping during a shower or while your loved one is getting out of the tub.

Check the Water Heater’s Temperature Setting

If your loved one’s water heater is set above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, she’s at risk for scalding. Make sure that you check the temperature setting on the water heater itself. If it’s set too high, adjust it to a lower temperature. You won’t notice any change in hot water availability, and your loved one will save money on her energy bill, too.

Mark the Faucets

Find a way to make sure that the hot and cold water faucets are clearly labeled. If necessary, you can even use tub safety tools made for kids to learn which faucets are hot and cold. This helps to prevent your loved one from hurting herself by accidentally using the wrong faucet.

Change Out the Door Locks

It’s understandable that your loved one sometimes wants some privacy, but you also need to be able to access the bathroom if an emergency should strike. The solution is to install door locks that can be unlocked easily from the outside. That way your loved one still has privacy but you have the peace of mind of knowing that you can get in if you need to.

Enlist Help at Bath Time

Bath time can be a scary time for your elderly loved one. If she’s apprehensive about family members helping her bathe, then it may be time to get help from elderly care providers. They can help to make sure that your loved one bathes safely and without any undue emotional issues.

Bathrooms can be one of the more dangerous rooms of the house, but these tips can make your loved one’s bathroom much safer.


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