5 Ways an Adult Child can Help their Elderly Parents during the Winter

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Home-Care-in-Rochester-NYThe white days of winter are not far off and there are a variety of things that a person will have to do in preparation for this time of year. For the adult children of an elderly person, doing all they can to help their parent is a top concern, especially during the coldest time of year. For example, make sure everything is in tip top shape, such as the heating system, and read on to learn other ways to get mom and dad ready for winter.

1.  Create a winter emergency kit

An emergency kit that consists of things like flashlights and clean drinking water can be very helpful during a blizzard type of situation. The adult child needs to make sure that the kit includes extra batteries and blankets, as well as a short wave radio to get weather updates and alerts.

2.  Keep an eye on the thermostat and check the insulation

Before the weather gets too cold, test the thermostat to make sure it works properly, and if it should stop working, have an emergency number handy for the senior or elderly care provider to call and get the thermostat serviced right away.   An adult child should also make sure that the insulation in the senior’s home is sufficient. A lack of insulation will lead to all of the warm air leaking out. If there is any question about the quality of insulation in the house, then hiring a professional to come in and inspect the home might be a good idea.

3. Remove slip and fall hazards

The snow and moisture that is common during the winter can be very dangerous for a senior. An adult child needs to make sure that the driveways and walkways around the home stay free of snow. Even if the adult child or senior has to hire a snow removal service, it will be worth the money to prevent slips and falls and broken bones.

4. Encourage the senior to stay active

When the weather outside gets colder, most seniors will prefer to stay in the home. Hiring a senior care professional to come in and provide a bit of help and companionship can be very beneficial. Keeping the senior active, with both physical and mental activities lead by a senior care provider can help the elderly person get through winter without getting the blues.

5. Provide the senior with a cell phone

During this time of year, power outages can become common due to the ice that accumulates on the lines. By providing an elderly parent with a cell phone, the adult child will be able to contact them even when the power is out. Make sure to research the cell phones out there to find one that is easy for the senior to operate.

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From checking the thermostat to providing companionship, here are ways to help a senior get through winter.



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