5 Strategies for Overcoming Discouragement

Home Care in Webster, NY – Ideas for Dealing with Negative Feelings and Moving Forward as a Caregiver

Home Care in Webster, NY Discouragement affects everyone at some point in life. Whether discouragement is caused from an unexpected job loss, or a less than anticipated outcome of a relationship, the effects of discouragement can lead to a deeper depression if not dealt with properly. Being a caregiver, you’re probably no stranger to being discouraged. Even when life is hard and your senior parent seems to need more and more of your help, there are ways you can balance your life. Overcoming discouragement when dealing with overwhelming circumstances is possible for both you and your senior loved one. If you or a senior you know is feeling discouraged, try some of the following strategies:

Change Your Mental Focus

Many people who change their focus learn to accept the source of their discouragement. By choosing not to dwell on discouraging events in their lives, whether past or present, they are able to change the way they view problems, with a new perspective. So much more is possible when you have a good attitude, even though you may not feel like it.

Make New Friends

Surrounding oneself with positive encouraging people is the best known antidote for those suffering from discouragement. Changing your circle of friends may require letting go of those friendships that cause feelings of discouragement. Unhealthy relationships include those who make remarks in an insulting manner, people with constant complaints, and people with a negative attitude.

Join a Support Group

There are support groups in every community offering services to assist those suffering from discouragement and depression. Mental health centers offer counseling programs including group therapy, individual therapy, and medication. You should consider hiring home care services for your senior parent to give yourself more time for other things, as well. There are groups for caregivers you can join specifically to discuss the needs and challenges of family caregivers.

Get Active

Exercise in any form releases tension, stress, anxiety, improves mental clarity, and improves circulation. Adding a daily exercise regimen will improve symptoms of depression and discouragement. Joining a gym offering exercise programs suitable for your age, is an excellent way to get fit while meeting others.


Becoming a volunteer in your community is one of the best ways to overcome discouragement. When you take the focus off yourself and put it on serving others, symptoms of discouragement and depression improve dramatically. There are several opportunities to volunteer including hospital volunteers, usually hired to answer phones, take mail and flowers to clients, and assist with hospital charity drives. Nursing home volunteers have the same duties as hospital volunteers. Animal lovers have opportunities to volunteer at local animal shelters, their duties include walking dogs, feeding the animals, and cleaning stalls. Some animal clinics hire volunteers to assist with the daily care of animals and pets.

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