5 Indoor Fall Activities for the Elderly

Homecare in Greece, NY

homecare-in-greece-nyAutumn is an exciting time for everyone. The hot weather is cooling off, the leaves are changing, and children are going back to school.  However, for the elderly with limited mobility, getting out of the house on a regular basis can be difficult, especially on cold, fall days.  Here are a few ways for home care providers to help bring the season of Autumn indoors for the elderly.

Make a scrapbook

First, gather together materials and tools.  Search the property for twigs and different colored leaves.  Gather vibrant green clippings from hedges and trees. Cut up small pieces of cloth and use superglue or a glue gun to create a fall scrapbook where the senior can continually return to see and touch the vibrant display.    This assortment of Fall foliage will literally bring the outdoors inside for the elderly.  But don’t stop with Autumn, do this with each season, and the scrapbook can be kept and passed on as a special keepsake.

Get ready for Halloween

Whether the senior is expecting trick-or-treaters or not, putting up Halloween decorations and having a piece of chocolate is sure to lift the spirits and liven up the mood.  A home care provider can assist the elderly person by hanging and displaying their favorite Halloween decorations around the house and sharing in a tasty, Halloween treat.

Bake an apple pie

The smell of apple pie baking in the oven is a sure sign that Autumn has arrived.  The home care provider can either assit the elderly person in baking the pie, or they can put a pre-made, frozen pie in the oven. Either way, serve it with vanilla ice cream and hot, black tea.

Write out Christmas cards

Sitting by a window on a cool, Fall day and writing out Christmas cards to family and friends is a wonderful way to spend the morning or afternoon  A home care provider can assist if need be, by writing out the cards for the elderly person while he or she dictates – and maybe has a story or two to tell.

Tell stories

As the seasons change, so do our memories.  The different sights and smells of the Autumn season will bring back certain memories, perhaps of the first day of school, starting a new job, or even getting married.  This is a perfect opportunity for storytelling.  Encourage the senior to tell their stories and even offer to write some of them down.



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