4 Causes of Caregiver Burnout

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Caregivers-in-Brighton-NYWhen you understand what causes something, you can better prevent it. This is especially true for caregiver burnout. This is a condition in which you become overwhelmed and stressed by taking care of your elderly loved one. It can cause emotional and physical symptoms and problems, which can further complicate the process of taking care of your loved one.

Lack of Control or Other Resources

Often, especially when you first start taking care of your elderly loved one, you’re constantly facing a lack. Whether that lack is of funds or even just the resources for managing your loved one’s care, that lack can seem overwhelming. Talk to your loved one’s medical team and other providers about what options are available for her. Home care providers are another excellent source of information, so tap into all of the resources that you do have in order to learn about additional resources.

The Demands of Caretaking

Caregiving itself places a lot of demands on you, but caregivers tend to place even more demands on themselves. They tend to think that they should constantly be doing more somehow, or at least better. Some of these demands are a bit over and above what is humanly possible, but that doesn’t stop caregivers from believing that they’re not doing enough.

Unrealistic Expectations

When you first took on the task of taking care of your elderly loved one, you probably felt that everything would go according to plan, all the time. That’s not uncommon, but unfortunately it isn’t realistic, either. The reality is that things are going to go wrong. Either your loved one will have unexpected health complications or there are other issues that crop up along the way. It’s difficult to account for every situation before it happens, so it’s important not to let your own expectations get in the way.

Changing Roles

Your elderly loved one is likely someone who took care of you at some point in your own youth, and suddenly you’re in a position where you’re taking care of her. The dynamics of those changing roles can place a lot of stress on you, even if you don’t realize it at the time. It’s complicated to suddenly have to take care of someone who was always in charge and who took care of you.

Knowing what can cause caregiver stress and burnout can also help you to avoid falling into the trap.

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