3 Tips for Improving Dental Health with Elderly Care Service

Elder Care in Webster, NY

Elder Care in Webster, NYMost people take their dental health for granted. As our elderly relatives age, however, dental health becomes a much higher priority. Side effects from medications or other physical ailments may make loved ones reluctant to mention that they’re having oral health problems. The right elderly care team can help to spot problems before they become debilitating.

Eliminating Dry Mouth

So many of the medications that elderly loved ones take daily have dry mouth as a side effect. The Mayo Clinic recommends trying several different things to treat dry mouth at home. One of the easiest is to sip cool liquids throughout the day. This is particularly good for elderly loved ones because they often do not get enough water during the day and can end up dehydrated. In-home care can help with this problem because the care aide can track your loved one’s water consumption. The aide can also help to track any progression of the dry mouth to determine if further intervention is necessary.

Problems Brushing

If your elderly loved one still has natural teeth, brushing can become a problem. Whether the difficulty stems from arthritis pain, painful teeth, or inflamed gums, lack of proper brushing can lead to cavities and other dental problems. Your loved one may be embarrassed to admit that he is having problems brushing his own teeth, too, further complicating the situation. Compassionate senior care helpers can assess the situation and tactfully offer the right help at the right time. There is no need for your elderly loved one to suffer from a painful brushing experience when there are ways to get assistance.

Ill-fitting Dentures

Another embarrassing problem that plagues elderly loved ones comes in the form of dentures. Their dentures may have fit well for years, but after bone wears away, the dentures may start to slip badly. Elderly relatives can be quite adept at hiding this problem from their loved ones, even going so far as to claim that they aren’t hungry at all or that they’ll eat later. Proper home care assistance representatives are trained in recognizing all sorts of problems, and they can help with ill-fitting dentures as well. Your loved one need not fear that he’ll be misunderstood or mocked, since empathetic help is available.

Helping your loved one with all aspects of his health, including oral, is the heart of elderly care programs. When your elderly relative’s mouth feels its best, he can eat and drink properly and may recover joy in life.




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