3 Common Mistakes Family Caregivers Make, and How to Avoid Them

Homecare in Rochester, NY

Homecare in Rochester, NYWhen a person becomes a family caregiver, they often don’t have prior experience doing this type of work. For an adult child looking after an elderly parent, they may have already raised children, be raising children right now, or believe they have some kind of qualifications to be a caregiver.

In truth, without prior experience actually supporting an elderly individual within the comfort of their home, there may be numerous questions they have with regard to what is appropriate or not. They may have certain preconceived notions about the physical, mental, or emotional capabilities of the elderly individual.

This opens up the doorway to making many different mistakes. There are ways to avoid mistakes, including considering the prospect of hiring an experienced in-home care provider through an agency.

Here are three of very common mistakes that family members make and then we will discuss how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Assuming safety is a top priority. Yes, safety should always be one of the top priorities, but it shouldn’t be the only top priority. If safety is the main concern, family caregivers often discourage their loved ones from pursuing various activities and interests. Anything deemed potentially hazardous is often discouraged and that can actually be detrimental to the well-being of the elderly individual.

Mistake #2: Not taking care of themselves. When providing care for a loved one at home, it will usually require a significant amount of time throughout the week. If the family caregiver is not devoting enough time to taking care of themselves, they can begin to feel the effects before too long. Some of those side effects could be stress and anxiety, getting sick more frequently, gaining weight, feeling fatigued, and not getting proper exercise.

Mistake #3: Allowing the stress and anxiety to interfere with the relationship. The relationship should always be one of the most important things for family members. Being a caregiver changes the dynamic of the relationship and that can place increased strain on it, especially when the caregiving family member is under increased stress and anxiety.

The best way to deal with these mistakes or avoid them altogether is to sit down and discuss the prospect of relying on professional caregivers. If the elderly family member is resistant to having strangers come to their home, talk about the many benefits they can offer, including encouragement for them to pursue various activities that are important to them. The senior simply might not realize these professional caregivers can help and support them in increasing the quality of life.

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