Recovery Services

Transitioning to home after a hospitalization can be stressful. Caring Hearts of Rochester can make the process easier and more comfortable.

Our Recovery Services are a perfect fit for:

  • Someone who is returning home after a long rehab stay.
  • A person who has just had surgery and needs help around the house.
  • Anyone who lives alone and is unable to drive to follow-up appointments or care for themselves after a hospitalization.
  • Families who learn that their aging loved one is being discharged from the hospital much quicker than any one expected!

Understanding Hospital to Rehab Stays

When a senior is hospitalized for three nights or more the doctor may order follow-up care at a rehabilitation center when the senior is discharged. The discharge planner at the hospital will speak with the senior and their family about post-discharge care and select an appropriate facility for them to continue to recover. The rehabilitation center has a section of beds set aside where “sub-acute” care is provided for the senior so they can continue to recover from the accident or illness that sent them to the hospital. Medicare pays for the first 20 days in a rehabilitation facility in full and most seniors are discharged from inclient rehab around the 21st day.

After Rehab, Then What?

Some seniors living alone go from 23 or more days of around the clock attention, to being by themselves and expected to provide all their own personal care, cooking, laundry, transportation, filling prescriptions and taking their medication.

Many times there are follow-up doctor visits and physical therapists appointments to remember and attend. It can be overwhelming to the recovering senior and their family caregivers.

From the 21st day to the 100th day there is Medicare co-pay for the rehab/nursing home of $144.50/day. This is what a senior will pay out of pocket to remain in the rehabilitation facility beyond the 20th day. In some cases this amount of money will buy 6.5 hours of daily care – which is one-on-one attention, personalized to the senior’s needs. Seniors also tend to recover more quickly at home.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions for Seniors with Chronic Diseases

Seniors recovering from heart attacks, stroke, COPD, chronic heart failure, hip fractures, back surgery, cancer surgery/chemo therapy, and kidney dialysis all need some level of care to continue to recover and regain their health to the fullest extent possible. Many times the doctor also recommends lifestyle changes such as a different diet, walking, regular daytime rest periods, new medications and treatments, and social interaction to ward-off depression and social isolation.

All of this can be overwhelming to the senior and their family caregiver. Care from an agency has proven to reduce readmission rates to the hospital. Seniors discharged from hospitals with consistent follow-up non-medical care were 15 percent less likely to be readmitted within 30 days than those who did not receive care.

It’s impossible to measure the reduced stress, increased enjoyment of life, and the peace of mind care brings to the senior and their family. Care managed by a team of caring individuals is available to you 24/7; we are always just a phone call away.

At Caring Hearts of Rochester we help seniors maintain their independence and remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

For a free no obligation home visit assessment to get more information on how care can help you, just call 585-245-0134 to speak to one of our Care Managers.